Q: What talent do you have in-house?

A: Our goal is to be your complete in-house marketing team.  Over the years we have continuously added countless marketing specialists including branding experts, pursuit gurus, graphic designers, digital whizzes, event planners, photographers, SEO experts, social media savants, and website developers.

Q: What hours does the Threaded Marketing Group team work?

A: We work on our projects, not a set number of hours.  We do what is needed to make your project a success, however many hours that may take.

Q: How do you bill your clients, is it by project?

A: Our clients can work two ways, either hire us on an hourly basis in 5-minute increments or they can set retainers that they are comfortable with each month.  Invoices are sent at the end of each calendar month, and due 30 days upon receipt.

Q: Do you draw up a contract?

A: No, we want our clients to work with us because they want to & they value the work we do, not because they are locked into a contract.

Q: Do you accept credit cards for payment?

A: We currently accept checks, PayPal, and Venmo.

Q: Are you a certified small-business?

A: Yes, we are proudly Woman-owned and a Certified Small Business by the state of North Carolina.

Q: How do you determine when someone will work on a project?

A: Once we understand what exactly your project entails, we determine who from our team may be brought on.  We want to work as efficiently as possibly both with your time and your money!

Q: Who is my point of contact?

A: Each account has an Account or Project Manager to ensure consistency around your brand and messaging.  They will manage all of the pieces to ensure your marketing plan comes to life.

Q: I already have a photographer I like, can you work with them?

A: Absolutely, we can work with any position or other firm you have on board.

Q: How do we work?

A: We work however you need us. We can be an extension of your existing team or as your in-house marketing group. We can come to your office or work from home using the Zoom app for convenient conference calls. We also utilize a shared online server so that your files can easily be accessed and coordinated.

Q: Will you travel?

A:  Absolutely. We’ve worked with clients up and down the east coast as well as in Europe.