5 Benefits of Working with a Graphic Designer for Brand Consistency

Businesses big and small have the tendency to downplay the importance of consistent graphic design. However, without a unified look, feel, and identity, your brand will feel unfocused and unprofessional. Additionally, it will be harder to communicate your brand’s mission and values.

So, what are the benefits of working with a graphic designer as a business owner? How can working with a graphic designer help your business achieve its goals and elevate your brand?

Let’s break it down.

Benefit 1.) Graphic designers will help you build a professional outward-facing brand

Many business owners have a vision for their brand but find creating an entire graphic identity is a challenge they can’t take on alone. A graphic designer will spearhead efforts to establish brand guidelines, which are essential in creating a consistent look and feel. They can help you select specific brand colors, logo design, typography, and more. Now, whether you’re creating a new social media channel or purchasing a billboard, you have guidelines which will help you more easily communicate your brand’s story.

Benefit 2.) Graphic designers bring consistency to all of your channels

Sometimes a business takes off so quickly it’s difficult to take stock of how your brand appears across all channels. A graphic designer can help you ensure all of your channels and assets—from Twitter, to your website, to your business cards—are consistent in appearance. By uniting all channels with your brand’s look and feel, you can project a sense of internal organization and unity that is important for building trust and recognition in your brand.

Benefit 3.) Consistent graphic design enhances user experience—and your bottom line

Imagine someone is scrolling through Instagram and sees an ad for your business. They’re interested, they click—and then suddenly they’re on a website that looks nothing like the post they clicked on. They may be confused, thinking they clicked on something in error, and leave your site—costing you a sale. A graphic designer will keep your marketing materials consistent across all channels, allowing you to reinforce your business strategies so you can build an easier pathway toward conversion.

Benefit 4.) Graphic designers will reinforce and strengthen your brand identity

Graphic designers will be able to take your brand standards and use them in exciting ways—without making everything look the same. For inspiration, look at Coca-Cola. They’ve used the same colors and have had the same look and feel for decades. And yet, their graphic designers manage to adhere to what people like about the brand while also keeping things fresh year after year. By staying consistent—but not stale—you further establish your brand as an enduring presence, strengthening its reputation and recognizability.

Benefit 5.) Consistent graphic design helps you stick out in a crowd

People look at dozens if not hundreds of different products and brands every day. Consistent branding helps people remember your business and its products and services—and keeps your brand from getting lost in the shuffle. Instead of scattering customers’ attention with varying colors and designs, graphic designers will create a unified appearance that will focus and direct your brand and get it in front of who you want to see it in memorable ways.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, bringing a graphic designer into the fold is essential. A consistent look and feel across all channels and assets won’t simply encourage faith in your brand, it will also help prospective customers feel confident when purchasing from your business or investing in its services.

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