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Our History

Threaded Marketing Group started at Kelly Jo Jefferis’ kitchen table in the summer of 2015. After former co-workers consistently came to her for marketing expertise, Kelly Jo founded a company with the initial focus of supporting a few close clients. Her strategic eye and creative spirit quickly led to an ever-growing list of satisfied clients and within a year, the business expanded exponentially, prompting Kelly Jo to recruit a team of talented and like-minded industry professionals to work alongside her.

Now, Threaded Marketing Group’s combined team offers you access to a complete marketing toolbox from brand strategy and proposal development to web design and event planning.

Simply put, we offer all the benefits of an in-house marketing team without the overhead.

Our Team

I think about what our clients need, where they need to be, and what messages their clients need to hear in order to build their business.

Kelly Jo Jefferis

Founder & President

CPSM, LEED Green Associate

Architecture, Engineering, &
Construction Team

I love both the art and science of marketing, strategic planning enables me to work in both spaces.

Siobhan Turner

Strategic Account Manager

I tap my marketing experience to execute thoughtful and targeted strategies while responding to pressure with poise.

Deborah Pender

Sr. Account Manager

I plan and execute creative tailored marketing solutions, with the client’s return on investment in mind.
Whitney Goodale
Sr. Account Manager

I’ve always had a passion for writing and telling stories, so I love the challenge of using words to capture and keep people’s attention, to tell a brand’s story.
Laura Munson
Jr. Account Manager

My passion for editing and storytelling ensures that a brand knows their uniqueness shines through in all tasks.
April Carte
Marketing Coordinator

Products &
Services Team

I listen carefully and learn the ins and outs of each business so that I can craft a full-circle strategy to better position them in the marketplace.

Cindy Johnson


I plan and execute creative tailored marketing solutions, with the client’s return on investment in mind.

Whitney Goodale

Sr. Account Manager

From strategy to execution, I love bringing everything together in a clear and thoughtful way for our clients.
Kim Keller
Account Manager

I focus on evolving with the internet and have humility and curiosity that leads to ever-changing practices for growth and connection.

I am available to our senior staff to support and cultivate projects for our clients while promoting social media to grow our client’s brand.
Reagan Thomas
Jr. Account Manager

Skills Team

I love bringing businesses closer to their clients through their websites.
Grant Kantsios
Sr. Website Guru

I use my passion for design and photography to enhance a brand's desired message.
Lisa Paully
Creative Director

I am passionate about organization, support, and efficiency to empower my team to be the best they can be.

By understanding the “why” behind a client’s business, I create graphics to bring their brand visions to life.
Lindsay Zachodzki
Sr. Brand Specialist

As a designer with a marketing background, I utilize strategy and creativity in order to visually elevate a client's voice and brand.
Kara Klunk
Sr. Brand Specialist

I harness creative energy to create the content and events our clients depend on.

I use the power of words and creative storytelling to help clients convey their message, mission, and brand.
Leah Barrett
Lead Storyteller

I love to use language in order to capture and showcase what makes a brand so unique.
Mia Bencivenga
Lead Storyteller

I craft and execute paid advertising strategies for clients to generate sales and grow their customer bases.
Adam Marsden
PPC & Digital Ads

I believe in the power of words to tell stories using industry insights to communicate the right message that engages an audience into action.
Gene King
PR/Impression Strategist

I am passionate about capturing photos that showcase clients in the best light.
Joy Bruce
Photography Maestro

I use my branding background to help bring companies to life via their websites.
Katie Vaas
Website Editor

Additional Team Members Skilled At:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Digital Advertising

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