Lisa Cook

Communications Specialist

I harness creative energy to create the content and events our clients depend on.

Lisa Cook

Communications Specialist

I transform a client’s vision into reality, whether I’m developing their brand’s own unique voice or coordinating an event that is a creative representation of that same brand.


My career spans 15 years, all within the communications industry. My experience includes writing, editing and designing for print, digital and social media. Prior to joining Threaded Marketing Group, I worked as a copy-desk chief for a metropolitan newspaper and editor for an international finance company’s in-house magazine. I’ve continued to hone my skills working with Threaded as well as overseeing the email marketing efforts of a Charlotte-area breast cancer non-profit, a charity I continue to support today.


Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Virginia Tech Gobble Gobble!

My Passion:

Outside my family, painting pictures with words. The charge I get from crafting a well-written sentence is just one of the reasons I do what I do!

Three Items on My Bucket List:

Join a flash mob; Take a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon; Step foot on all 7 continents.

Book I’d Recommend to Clients:

I’m an avid reader, so I can’t name just one.  My advice? Read what you think you might not like.  It might just open a new door.

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