6 Tips for Using Professional Photography to Elevate Your Brand

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, what happens when that picture is out-of-focus and poorly lit—and it’s also the backdrop on your business’ website? Needless to say, when your photography looks amateurish and outdated, your business does too. That’s why every business should invest in professional photography to establish a strong brand presence, create a stunning first impression, and increase engagement for your brand, website, and social channels. 

Following are a few tips for how to use professional photography to elevate your brand and your business: 

1.) Establish a strong visual identity 

When we talk about brand identity, we tend to think about the text surrounding a brand. But in today’s world, visuals are everything. After hours of endless scrolling on social media, we remember an exciting and engaging image far more than the caption underneath it. So, it’s absolutely critical to use the right photography to project your desired identity. When starting out, ask yourself, “What does our business stand for and how can we convey that message through imagery?” Are you highlighting what your business does in a current, relevant and eye-catching way? Are all of your marketing materials consistent —from your website, to presentations, proposals, sales collateral, and social media channels? Collaborating with a professional photographer will help you create a strong brand identity that leaves a lasting impression on potential clients and customers—and give you plenty of material to use throughout every business channel in which you engage. 

2.) Project competence and confidence 

Stock photography may seem like a good idea at first, but when you cut corners and use generic photography, what are you really telling your target audience? Not only do they not get a true glimpse into your business, but they also have a harder time differentiating you from your competitors. Professional photos, especially when used consistently across all your marketing materials, social channels, and websites, project an image of professionalism, competence, and organization, and gives your brand a chance to shine. They are also unique to your business, team, and offerings. 

3.) Differentiate yourself from other competitors 

Professional photos of your brand take you a step beyond your competition by showcasing exactly what your business does differently, with its own unique style to match. Is it your overall quirky aesthetic and approachability that sets you apart from your competitors? Or is it the level of refinement and professionalism that makes you special? Whatever it is, nothing will convey it faster or more effectively than professional photos of your business presented in a consistent and intentional way. 

4.) Create a sense of authenticity and personality 

When you use a great photographer to capture some fun behind-the-scenes moments at your business with your employees and products, you can control the image you want to project into the world. Think of photography as another channel to communicate to your customers what your brand offers, what your team does, the products and services you sell, your values, and the effort that goes into making your 

business successful. This will help sell the experience while simultaneously humanizing your business and keeping it from feeling too corporate. 

5.) Elevate your social media presence 

Social media is all about the imagery. What better way to make a powerful statement than unique photography tailored to your brand? A great photo can make potential customers stop their scroll and take note of what you do and what you sell. Good imagery can also give potential customers and clients a preview of what to expect and how the products or services you offer will benefit them or meet their needs. You can highlight powerful before and after visuals of your service, client project outcomes, internal office space shots for prospective team members. An insight glimpse into the world of your business and employees is a powerful tool to convey what you do and how you do it differently. 

6.) Add the finishing touches to your business 

Professional photos aren’t just good for your brand, they can make your staff look professional as well. Investing in professional headshots for your entire staff will project consistency with your branding. For example, include photos of your employees in action, moments that are meaningful in your business journey, and team leadership headshots that have a consistent look and reflect your brand and your voice. You can use these team photography assets on your website, in your email signatures, in proposals, sales/marketing materials, and in your social media posts. 

If you’re contemplating how exactly to take your brand to the next level, we recommend giving a professional photographer a call. The assets you’ll gain will benefit your business in more ways than you can count. And if you need more guidance on how to integrate photography into your brand strategy, TMG is here to help through our professional photography services!

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